“LGBTIQ would be the test of the truth of all religions, because if the religions cannot embrace every member of the human race, then it means that the religion is not itself fulfilling its own divine universal purpose”

Dr amina wadud

Webinar, “Bringing Progressive Faith Voices toward Diverse Genders and Sexualities” & Booklet Discussion, “Christian-Islam Progressive Interpretation of Gender Diversity & Sexuality,” 18 May 2018, 8:00-10:00 am UTC To mark IDAHOBIT 2020, GAYa NUSANTARA (GN, https://gayanusantara.or.id), with the Coalition for Sexual and Bodily Rights in Muslim Societies (CSBR, https://csbronline.org) and the Global Interfaith Network (GIN, https://www.gin-ssogie.org), hosted a historical webinar entitled “Bringing Progressive Faith Voices toward Diverse Gender and Sexualities” and which notably included a discussion on the newly released booklet “Christian-Islam Progressive Interpretation of Gender Diversity and Sexuality.”

The event was intended for all communities of faith and allies to amplify progressive faith voices in respect to diverse gender and sexualities. For 2 hours from 8:00 am UTC on Monday 18 May 2020, we brought together voices from Islam and Christianity across Asia Pacific and beyond.

Speakers: – Pastor Kakay Pamaran, a gender justice advocate and Bible teacher – Dr amina wadud, specialist in textual analysis from a gender and sexuality inclusive perspective, best known as the Lady Imam – Dede Oetomo, independent scholar and founder of GAYa NUSANTARA.

Moderator: Rima Athar, human rights activist and feminist organiser.

The 2-hr webinar also included artistic performances: Sheena Baharudin (https://instagram.com/sheenabaharudin & https://facebook.com/SheenaBaharudin) opened by reading her amazing poetry and Pastor Kakay Pamaran closed with a song.

Email us at strongindiversity.gn@gmail.com for any questions and a copy of the booklet. #breakingthesilence #idahobit2020

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